About Us

Sales Motivator UK is an operating platform of Staffbooster Ltd, founded by Rui Furtado (M.ISP)– an accredited member of the Institute of Sales Professionals – who has previously worked in sales for 17 years before successfully transitioning into the world of business. 

Whilst working as a sales executive, Rui has achieved an immaculate track record, breaking countless sales records and winning many accolades for the various companies he has worked for, due to his extraordinary attitude.

According to Rui, his sales success wouldn’t have been possible without reading a plethora of sales, personal development, performance and leadership books which played a fundamental and key part in his success in sales.

From this illuminated passion for motivational and personal development literature, Sales Motivator UK was created, to coach mindset and success principles – as well as key attitudes and selling techniques which have stood the test of time – to individuals, as well as organisations and their sales staff. 

The fact of the matter is that sales is not an easy job and sales people have to deal with extremely high levels of rejection on a daily basis, which can affect their confidence, motivation and mental wellbeing.

As such, we developed a method which is simple, powerful and extremely effective. In simple terms, we study and read the bestselling and most influential personal development, performance, sales and leadership literature by the best and leading experts in their fields – highlight key ideas and concepts, produce short summaries of their best advice and share it via daily email snippets to sales staff – to help produce outstanding outcomes and favourable results in busy and demanding sales environments.

We are not a traditional coaching platform, in the sense that we deliver sales coaching for a specific period and then leave your staff to get on with it just so we can make a quick buck.

On the contrary, our commitment to your staff is long-term and we deliver our communications daily for long-term gains, with your staff’s success and mental wellbeing in mind. 

2021 Sales Motivator is an operating platform of Staffbooster Ltd, All Rights Reserved.